Stated Multifamily Financing
Simple Overview

Fast, efficient mortgage loan process
Purchasing transactions
Refinance – with or without cash-out
Mortgage amounts from $25,000 to $1,500,000 – higher or lower amounts available on a case-by-case basis
Secondary financing may be accepted on purchase transactions
Layered risk-based pricing to assure you most reasonable rates
Fixed and adjustable rates available
A number of prepayment alternatives help keep you in command
Personalized customer service from beginning to end

Please take a few moments to stop by our website ( and drop us a message or call and a small business loan specialist will contact you to discuss how we can help.


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Commercial’s the “New Resi”

Commercial’s the “New Resi”
2-4 Units Single Family Residences
65% LTV
Up to 500K
600 plus credit score
Property Must be held in business entity
Rates from 8.99% to 12.00%
Stated is Back!
Please take a few moments to stop by our website ( and drop us a
message or give us a call at (877) 354-1842 and a small business loan specialist will
discuss how we can help.


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Commercial’s the “New Resi”
2-4 Units Single Family Residences
70% LTV
Up to 500K
600 plus credit score
Property Must be held in business entity
Stated is Back!

Please take a few moments to stop by our website ( and drop us a message and a small business loan specialist will contact you to discuss how we can help.



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Best Strategies for Discussing A Small Commercial Mortgage with your chosen Lender

Exactly what the Commercial Lender will have to know about you…the “4 Cs”:

Credit score: Be familiar with your personal credit scores and have an understanding of your current credit information. Your credit profile is regarded as the most essential tools used in making lending determinations. Have the ability to talk about any specific account delinquencies, past bankruptcies, or economic “bumps” you may have gone through.
Collateral: Know the specifics about the real estate you are pledging as collateral.
Capacity to Pay: How will you keep on top of your brand new commercial mortgage payment?
Character: Precisely how have you managed past financial obligations as well as responsibilities?


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At BRIC LLC we appreciate our borrowers and recognize their ability to capitalize on unstabilized commercial investments through the use of short-term financing.  Whether a property is empty, in need of major rehab or simply under-performing, BRIC LLC delivers bridge financing with the speed you need to get the job done and maximize your return-on-investment.

Discover how BRIC LLC is lending by providing the following terms:

  • Lease-ups
  • Foreclosure purchases
  • Discounted payoffs
  • Refinancing maturing loans 
  • Non-cash-flowing properties
  • Quick closings
  • Tenant improvement
  • Construction loan take-outs
  • Reposition of a property
  • Vacant buildings
  • Rehabilitation financing
  • Opportunistic purchases
  • Non-stabilized properties without historic financials
  • Foreign national borrower

Available in most major markets nationwide, our Bridge loan

Please take a few moments to stop by our website ( and drop us a message and a small business loan specialist will contact you to discuss how we can help.





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Commercial Loan Programs

Loan Size

  • $500,000 – $25,000,000
  • Owner-Occupied Properties or Investor Properties
  • Traditional Commercial Properties Only
  • 15, 20, 25, & 30 Year Amortizations
  • 3, 5, 10, 15 Year Fixed Rates
  • Up to 75% LTV / 75% CLTV
  • Below PRIME Rates
  • No Balloons or Calls
  • Cash Out to 40% of Loan Amount
  • Fixed Declining Prepayment
  • Minimal Impound Reserves
  • Recourse and Non-Recourse Options
  • Minimum 660 Credit Score
  • 2 Years of Historical Income Req.
  • Low Minimum 1.25 DSCR

BRIC LLC…  also has a non-conforming, owner-occupied or investor commercial loan program providing up to 90% commercial financing and 30 year fixed rate terms, for both traditional and non-traditional commercial properties.

Loan Size

  • $250,000 – $5,000,000
  • Owner-Occupied Properties or Investor Properties
  • Traditional or Non-Traditional Commercial Properties
  • Full Document, Low-Doc, and Stated Income Options
  • Owner-Occupied Stated Income Commercial Loans to 90% LTV
  • 30 Year Amortizations
  • 3 Month, 2, 5, & 30 Year Fixed Rates
  • 90% LTV on Purchase
  • 85% LTV on Refinances
  • Cash Out Refinances to 75%
  • Cash Out to 40% of Loan Amount
  • Flexible Prepayment Options
  • 20% Annual Prepay With No Penalty
  • Low Minimum 1.25 DSCR
  • Minimum 600 Credit Score

Please take a few moments to stop by our website and drop us a note and a small business loan consultant will contact you to discuss how we can be of assistance.





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Highly competitive apartment loans for multifamily properties with 5 or more individual units, including mixed-use commercial and mobile home parks, through a low cost, streamlined and simplified loan process. Low closing costs, up to 80% CLTV, limited impounds


Innovative and customized apartment financing for conventional market-rate apartment properties. Options include: fixed terms from 5-30 years, early rate lock to 365 days, tired risk-based pricing, flexible prepayment options, cash or MBS execution, balloon or no balloon terms…

BRIC LLC founded in 2000, is a mortgage banking firm lending in all 50 states. Because we specialize in apartment building lending of five units or more, we are exceptionally good at getting our loans closed as proposed. We have closed all of our permanent apartment loans upon application acceptance for over 21 years at this time. Our team of highly skilled loan officer’s combined have many years of experience.

The secret to our success starts with our skill with evaluating the 3 major components that are essential to qualify for an apartment complex loan in our challenging economy today. By assessing correctly the income of the property, the quality of the property, and the strength of the borrower, we can help insure the success of each deal. Secondly we run the submission package by an underwriter and a credit manager ahead of time. These are the people who will be approving your loan.

We have the lowest interest rates available in America today. Our funds come from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,


Apartment Loan Programs

Apartment Loan programs from our national Commercial Lending Group encompass all aspects of multifamily apartment financing.  Whether you are refinancing a stabilized apartment building or acquiring & developing a new apartment complex, our aggressive apartment loans have helped investors across the country achieve their apartment financing goals with larger apartment loans, lower DCRs and faster closings. Because we structure financing utilizing a broad spectrum of traditional and non-traditional capital sources, we aren’t tied down by whatever the flavor of the moment is on Wall Street, and can get deals financed which the CMBS world can’t or won’t do, especially in the current structured finance market. 

BRIC LLC offers a comprehensive range of services and products for the commercial real estate and finance industry. With offices nationwide and innovative lending vehicles, we are able to service and maintain strong relationships with our borrowers, investors, investment bankers, brokers and developers. Discussing your project with one of our Business Development Officer’s (BDO)/Underwriter’s is like speaking with hundreds of all types of lenders and equity partners at one time. With an average of 30 years of commercial underwriting experience, access to and knowledge of every available money source in the nation our BDO/Underwrites have the ability to size projects quickly and objectively to put together the program that best works for the borrower’s objectives in a timely fashion.


BRIC LLC offers a nationwide private banking advisory approach to apartment loan funding.
Large Apartment Loans

Funding for apartments and luxury styled apartments with town homes from $8 million to $100 million. The large loan program is designed to help with financing mortgages for seasoned investors which is routinely arranged with more convenient terms to assist you to meet more complex lending objectives.

Mid-Size Apartments Loans

Funding for apartments worth $3 million to $8 million. The mid-size loan program has been created to accommodate the needs of your important multi-unit commercial assets. BRIC LLC offers apartment financing programs that serve the needs of investors often with excellent delivery time and substantial cost savings.

Smaller Multi Family Loans

Smaller apartment funding and commercial real estate loans for multi-family from $100K to $3 million are directly provided by our preferred equity partners. Our small balance loans offer numerous lending advantages including less documentation and faster closings than ever before.





BRIC LLC provides commercial real estate mortgage programs for Mixed Use and other similar property types located in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. BRIC LLC understands the special financing needs of Mixed Use properties. We provide commercial property loans for the acquisition, refurbishing or refinancing of above average condition Mixed Use properties around the country.

Our Mixed Use commercial property loan programs provide borrowers with fast flexible financing options with low rates. We offer stated income, no document, and full document program options to borrowers depending on their individual requirements and needs.

Learn more about our Mixed Use Financing Programs

Stated Income Commercial Loan Program


 Stated income commercial loans provide competitive commercial financing for borrowers requiring a reduced document or stated income option for the acquisition or refinancing of commercial property. Stated does not require personal or business tax returns.




Learn more about Stated Income Commercial Loans by visiting the programs main product







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BRIC LLC makes a specialty of apartment building mortgages which enable it to consider offering apartment buildings refinances up to 70% LTV. Finalized LTV’s and interest rates are determined by expertise of the owner, length of ownership, profits, sturdiness of credit, and robustness of real estate. We will consider both owner occupied as well as investment real estate in the case of apartment building mortgage loans. I strongly suggest you take a few moments to take a peek at our company website and additionally drop us an electronic message or perhaps call in order for a small business loan product professional definitely will get in touch with you to take a look at precisely how we can assist.


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